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    Rolling Laptop Stands
    Pro Desks features two rolling laptop stands: the Rolling Pro and the Rolling Pro II.
    The two models securely fit and hold any size of laptop.
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    The medical laptop carts work well in clinics,
    office, hotel, boardrooms and are versatile mobile laptop stands.

Our Rolling Laptop Stand Products

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We provide 2 rolling laptop stand models:

rolling desk cart

Computer Stand on Wheels

Pro Desks Rolling Pro

Rolling Pro - The Rolling Laptop Desk By Pro Desks Best Suits:

  •  Hospital and Emergency Medical Office
  •  Doctor Office
  •  Dentist
  •  Chiropractic
  •  Garages
  •  Repair shops
  •  Auto body shops
  •  Warehouse Stock Control
  •  Receiving Center Desk
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rolling mobile laptop carts

Wheeled Laptop Stand

Pro Desks Rolling Pro II

Rolling Pro II - Rolling Medical Laptop Carts Are Used As:

  •  Inventory check table / stand
  •  Conventions presentation table
  •  Trade Show display stand
  •  Tradeshow presentation notebook stands
  •  Home office - home computing

The Rolling Pro II provides a sturdy rolling pedestal for a mobile computer. This medical laptop cart product is especially built to be used in hospitals, nursing homes, inventory control, patient charting and warehouse applications.

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Applicable Industries

rolling computer workstations

Our ROLLING LAPTOP STANDS are seen to be used in various industries.

Health Care Facilities

Most of our clients work in health-care related industries.

High-tech Industries

Our laptop stands on wheels can also be used in high-tech industries.

Aerospace Engineering & Design

We have a few clients who work in aerospace engineering and design.

Veterinarian Offices

Quality rolling laptop carts help veterinarian be more productive at work.


Rolling computer desks can also be used in hospitals to get and store electronic medical records.

Doctors' Offices

Our laptop stand with wheels bring the comfort at work to doctors and nurses.

Dentists' Offices

Dentists use our rolling laptop desk products to access and work on their laptop with flexibility.


Our rolling laptop carts allow warehouse workers to work on their laptop while moving around the warehouses.

Food Industry

Recently we got some clients who work in large food companies.

About Pro Desks

pro desks rolling medical laptop mounts"I started Pro Desks to provide the working men and women access to quality laptop mounting solutions to improve performance on the job site. I believe Pro Desks offers the best laptop mounts in the business and we have solutions to fit the widest range of applications, vehicle types, and computer models.

I still work every day in the business, and 9 times out of 10 you'll speak with me when you call in. I started in the computer mounting business back in 2000 so have a lot of experience when it comes to mounting systems. You could list on one hand the number of people you could speak with about vehicle laptop mounts with that length of history in the industry. I appreciate all the business that folks around the world have done with me and our company over the years, and I am here to assist you in finding the right laptop mounting solution."

Merv Carlson
Founder, Pro Desks

Professional Support and Service

Pro Desks wanted to provide the support, the service and commitment to our customers that they expect and require to be profitable and productive in today's economy. Investing in mobile computing technology enhances production, improves performance and provides an individual with a unique workspace that is truly mobile. Knowing that the professionals at Pro Desks are here to assist you in selecting the right unit doubles that productivity and makes for a sound business decision.

Appreciative Industry Experts

The Pro Desks management and personnel have been involved the automotive computer mount and laptop stand industry for many years. Experience and service, combined with our commitment to you make for a winning combination. We are here to answer your questions, assist in any way, we work for you, and we truly appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

Pro Desks is a division of Uppgroup Inc., your purchase information will reflect Uppgroup Inc., any correspondence etc. will reflect our Parent Company.

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If you have any questions regarding the rolling laptop stands or the automotive laptop mounting systems, or simply wish to order by phone, please feel free to use our Toll-Free line for your convenience: (800) 780-6029